Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is it with MY man?

So I've been lost in love for the past year of my life and wouldn't you know that today is one of those "off again" days? What is with men? I mean seriously, why can they not see that if they would do a few SMALL things, we'd be willing to do a whole lot of BIG things? Think I'm lying? All I want is for him to protect and provide. PROTECT and PROVIDE. Now someone is reading this and thinking that I'm asking for the world. They just don't know. I do damn near everything that NEEDS to be done for me, myself. All I'm looking for is a little help. SO, the protection and provision is minimal. I just need him to have my back. That means to be prepared to catch me, SHOULD I fall. Why is that too much to ask? I mean, if I'm taking care of the affection, building the esteem, supporting and nurturing, what more does he need? I give him his space yet I'm there when he calls. Is asking to have my "I hate men" sessions with my girls too much?? It's no different to me than that rapper that comes up. Sure, he's got it made now. No more drug game. But every now and then he likes to get on the mic and rap about how gully and gutter he STILL is (even though he ain't). I guess I'm the same way. I have a good man. I have truly come up. But every now and again I want to sit around with my girls and laugh at the few flaws he has, however minor they may be. I want to talk about how I'm leaving (when I know good and full well that I ain't going nowhere). Its what we women do: complain. Its as necessary as breathing. At the end of the day, its nothing more than what you men do on Thanksgiving during the game. I just need to do it more often. *le sigh* Why does that have to be so bad?